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08 April 2012 @ 10:31 pm
Two Faces: My Vengeful Soul  

Title: Two Faces: My Vengeful Soul
Pair: Inoobu, Yabu-Centric, Takabu(Friendship), Tadaiki(slight)
Genre: Angst, Betrayal, Romance, Friendship, Death
Summary: Everything was taken away from him, his name, his life, and his family and the only thing that was left in him was hatred and the only thing he felt was revenge. He lived his life following one thing and it is his ambition and his revenge to those people who took everything away from him. Allowing these feelings conquer his heart and soul, he became successful yet he was miserable, not being able to free himself from his hatred something went missing from his life and someone filled that missing part of him with love and care which he never noticed until it was his time to go…

Warning! This is a long one shot that's why it was made into parts! Italicized words are Kota’s past.

[Part 1, Part 2, Part 3]

Part 1


It was a bright spacious room; there was a guy and a big grand piano in the middle of it. A tone resounded when the pale guy pressed one key and soon the single tone became a melody that sooths his wavering soul. He listened to it carefully as he closed his eyes picturing the story the melody was telling him.

 “Kei, thank you for everything…” He said, eyes still closed with a smile plastered on his face.

“Kochan, I know you’re tired, rest now and stop saying that ….” He stopped playing and approached the guy sitting at the couch near the grand piano “Please rest…” He caressed the latter’s face and smiled. “It’s been a hard road ne…” He continued to caress the latter’s face but this time a single droplet of tear rolled down on his pearl colored cheeks.

“Kei, I’m sorry if I’ve hurt you…” He said as he wiped the tears flowing on the latter’s face. “Thank you for staying, thank you for not leaving my side….” He smiled weakly.

“I love you and I will always do…”


                His ambition and dream was already set in his mind. He needs to be at the top to get back everything that was taken away from him; his name, his family and his life. He was candid and an intelligent man. He was a person many admire. He has good looks and a smile that can melt any girl’s heart and an envy of many guys. His features were perfect; in the eyes of the persons around him he was perfect. He was a leader that everyone follows and looks up to. Indeed, he was a person to admire but behind that façade, there lies a vengeful soul that seeks nothing but revenge.

“I will not be under anyone’s hand, I will climb to the top and make sure to pull you down and get everything back…” He said to himself while looking at the man wearing a black suit who was talking to many persons with same clothing as him. “I will get back what is supposed to be mine…”


 “This is not enough!” he threw the papers he was holding back to his secretary. “I told you that I need at least 30 persons to agree on that project! Why is there only 29?!” He glared at the girl whimpering in front of him. “Redo that report or I’ll fire you!”

“I-I’m sorry sir, I’ll redo this immediately.”  The girl picked the papers up then leaves the room.

“Really Yuya, be gentler to your workers or they might get back at you soon enough…” Kota said as he enters the room of his friend.

“I don’t care, I need that project to be done or else my head would be rolling on the floor anytime.” Yuya replied sarcastically. “You know how strict dad is when it comes to building projects…”

“I know, I know, I was just telling you to be gentle. Anyway, sign these.” Kota placed a pile of papers in front of the younger.

“What are these?” Yuya asked

“Those are the papers need to be signed so that I can show it to our investors.” Kota answered

“Oh~” Yuya then scanned all the papers then signed it one by one without noticing Kota’s glare. “Done!”

“Well then thank you, I’ll proceed to the preparations now…” Kota bid goodbye to Yuya. “Chief-Executive Officer TakaKi Yuya…” He mumbled while gripping the folder he had. “Your time will be over soon…” 

Takaki Yuya is the eldest son of the person who took Kota’s mother from him as well as everything he had. He and his sister were left in an orphanage without any word. “We’re abandoned….” His sister cried. “Ko-chan…” she hugged him tight.


“Don’t worry Nechan, I’ll protect you I promise…” Kota said to his sister while hugging her back. His sister was beautiful and intelligent. They lived in the orphanage peacefully when suddenly his sister became quiet and she became secluded and sooner took her own life. Kota soon discovered the reason why her only sister took her own life; she was sexually harassed by the orphanage’s chairman. He was so angry that he almost killed the man, thankfully the other helpers found them and stopped Kota from killing the chairman. He was then sent to a secluded room and was not allowed to go out. He was there for three years and when the moment he got out, he knew that the chairman is already dead.

“This death deserves a trash like you…” He said looking coldly at the man’s grave. The man died from a car accident few months before Kota was granted his freedom. He left the orphanage, looked for a job and studied hard to have a better life. He was intelligent like his sister, he graduated in a university with a full scholarship and he was at the top of his class. But then again, fate was not on his side at all. After graduating from college, he was involved in an accident which caused his left eye to be severely blinded that is why he needed to wear eyeglasses. That accident made it hard for him to find a work because even with his high credentials, a person with disability will never get a fine job. With all the misery he had encountered and engulfed with the sadness he was feeling he decided to take his own life to end everything.

Everything will end…

He held on a knife, slashed his wrist and soon blood flowed from it. He felt that everything will be gone; he closed his eyes as he heard voices and footsteps nearing him.


“No, put that in this side…” Kota instructed one of the workers. “Yes that’s it put it down now…”

“Yabu-san…” A girl called him from behind.

“Yes?” He turned around and smiled then tint shade of pink was shown on the girl’s cheeks. “What is it?” he asked again ignoring the girl’s fantasy over him.

“A-Ah, these are the list of materials for the program…” the girl handed the papers to him.

“Thank you, is this all?” Kota asked.


“You can leave now, thank you for the hard work…” Kota smiled to the girl again before turning his back on her.

“You’re welcome sir…” The girl bowed and then left.

“Just like the others…” Kota said to himself with a bitter look on his face.

Yes, that girl was like those other people befriending him. They look at his features, his talents, I short they only looked at his façade; they only looked at the things their naked eyes can perceive. No one could ever see the real him who hides inside his pretentious acts. He will never let anyone see it; if someone does he knows that he will falter. His wall would break, and he believed that it would not bring any good for him.

“Ah, Kochan okaeri~…” A beautiful yet pale guy welcomed him.

“Tadaima…” He answered back

“How’s work?” The guy asked as he get Kota’s coat. “Is it tiring?” this time his tone is worried.

“Eh?, Ah no. It’s not…” Kota said and smiled at the guy in front of him. “How about you? Are the kids tiring you?”

“Nope, I had fun with them, just like every day.” The latter said happily and it made Kota smile even more. “Ah, Dai-chan said he’ll be taking a short break since his exams are nearing…”

“Oh, then we need someone to replace him for a while…” Kota said.

“I’ll look for someone then…” the guy said “have you eaten yet? I prepared a dinner already”

“A not yet…” Kota said

“Let’s eat then!” the guy pulled him and made him sit on the dining chair.

“Geez Kei, are you my wife?” Kota asked jokingly and started eating.

“If you’d like me to be?” Kei added.

“ha-ha! Don’t be silly!” Kota laughed hard missing Kei’s sweet gaze on him.

“I’m serious though…” Kei murmured.

“Hmm?,Did you say something?” Kota asked wiping the tears he had from laughing.

“Nope….” Kei said and started eating as well.

“This is delicious…” Kota complimented the food and it made Kei blush

“Of course, I’m the one who made it!” Kei snorted to hide his pinkish face to the latter

“But you just learned how to cook from me!”  Kota teased missing again Kei’s reaction

“I won’t deny that but I’m better than you now!”  Kei said proudly.

Inoo Kei, he was the son of the persons who saved Kota from the death he had caused himself. Kei has always been by his side. He was there when he woke up and realized that he was in the hospital. He was there when he was recovering from the wound he made himself. He was there, he has always been.


“Oh my God! Kota-kun! Hang in there!” It was a voice of a woman in panic; it was also that last voice he heard before everything around him turned black.

*beep *beep a tone which continuously rang, the smell of medicine it was the things that welcomed him as he opened his eyes. White ceiling, white walls, a single table, a wide window with white curtains it was enough for him to realize that he was in a hospital room.

“Why am I here…” he asked himself before turning his head and scans the room.

“Ah! I’m glad you’re awake!” another voice. It was high, is it a girl? No, it’s not a girl. He knows that voice. It was familiar yet he couldn’t figure out who it was since he was still in state of recovery. “Mom! He’s awake!”

“Oh dear, thank goodness, I’ll call the doctor watch over him.” He can hear them, he was awake indeed, he’s eyes are open yet he can’t see them.  He didn’t want to see, he didn’t want to live in the first place so why is he here, and still breathing?

“Why?...” he asked to nobody.

“Kota-kun?” the voice from earlier asked him

“Why am I here?” he asked again this time a single tear fell from his tired eyes. “Why did you save me?!...” he said as he throws a glass to the one taking care of him. 

“B-but…ah!” the pale guy paused as he evaded the glass thrown to him.

“I wanted to die! Why did you have to save me! I don’t have a reason to live anymore! I don’t want to be here!” Kota pulled the thing stuck on his left arm harshly and blood soon rushed out from the wound he again caused himself. “Don’t touch me!” He was throwing tantrums as tears continuously roll down his face. He kept on pushing, destroying everything; it was really true that he wanted to die, to end everything…

“Stop!” Kota received a hard slap on his face which made him stop from throwing tantrums and look at the person in front of with blankly. “Killing yourself is ridiculous!” Kei snapped and from that Kota felt weak and sat on the floor clutching his fist. “It will never solve anything!” He kneeled down to match the latter’s position. “It will never do any good…” Kei then wiped the tears from Kota’s face.

“I don’t have any more will to live…” Kota said weakly. “I-I just don’t know how to live any more….” He cried.

“Hush…you will find it eventually…” Kei pulled Kota on his embrace. “I will be by your side then…” Kei comforted and Kota nodded. Slowly, he felt his eyes becoming heavy again then he fell asleep in Kei’s embrace. “I will always be…”

I will always be here…


“Damn!” Yuya threw the papers he was holding. “Our profit is declining!”

“What?” Kota asked in surprise. “How?”

“That company, it’s competing with us and now look!” He pointed at the paper “They got up to us by twenty percent!”

“Yuya, calm down!” Kota said to his friend.

“How can I calm down?!” Yuya said irritatingly. “They had just copied our product, our project!” Yuya sat missing the cold stare Kota was giving him. “Dad will kill me for sure…”

“No he won’t, we will solve this…” Kota comforted his friend.

“Kota, I wouldn’t know what to do if you’re not here.” Yuya smiled at his friend he trust him. Yuya trust Kota more than anyone. Why? It’s because Kota was the first one who could understand what he was thinking. It was as if he was the only one who knew the real him. That’s why he puts a lot of faith in him even though he doesn’t know anything about him. He was a friend, a dear friend or so he thought Kota was.


“Why are you so kind to me?” Kota asked at the person grinning to him.

“It’s because we’re friends!” Yuya said proudly as he put his arms on Kota’s shoulder. “And starting from this day, you’re going to work with me!” Yuya smiled like a child and it made Kota smile too.


To be continued…

Author’s Note: Whew~ I'm sorry if this is too long...=.= I didn't realize that the oneshot I'm writing got this long... bare with me ne! enjoy reading! :3 ai_no_messeji thank you for helping me cut this into parts! <3

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Hisahisa99percentcacao on August 27th, 2012 03:07 pm (UTC)
taking 'em and saving them to my phone :) I'll leave a proper comment soon as I read this :)

btw, your banner shocked me, made me tear up a little. I miss 6nin news > A
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