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08 April 2012 @ 10:37 pm
Two Faces: My Vengeful Soul  

Title: Two Faces: My Vengeful Soul (Part 2)

Pair: Inoobu, Yabu-Centric, Takabu(Friendship), Tadaiki(slight)

Genre: Angst, Betrayal, Romance, Friendship, Death

Summary: Everything was taken away from him, his name, his life, and his family and the only thing that was left in him was hatred and the only thing he felt was revenge. He lived his life following one thing and it is his ambition and his revenge to those people who took everything away from him. Allowing these feelings conquer his heart and soul, he became successful yet he was miserable, not being able to free himself from his hatred something went missing from his life and someone filled that missing part of him with love and care which he never noticed until it was his time to go…

Warning! This is a long one shot that's why it was made into parts! Italicized words are Kota’s past.

[Part 1, Part 2, Part 3]

Part 2


The seed he planted is slowly bearing its fruit. His plan is going accordingly to what he wants. Yuya’s company’s profit is rapidly dropping. He watched it drop; he watched his friend and his friend’s family suffer like what he had suffered. But it was not enough, getting this family’s wealth is not enough. His hunger for revenge is too big. It even got bigger when he saw that they were still happy even though they are losing their wealth.

“How can they smile like that?” Kota said to himself and formed a fist. “They should not be happy…” he added as he looked at the old guy not far from him laughing his heart out. “I will take it…I will take that happiness from you…” He looked at them, feeling the anger eat his soul. He was seeking vengeance, his revenge is at its work, and he will not allow that person to be happy. He was the one who caused him too much pain.

“Ne, why are you doing this?” Yuya asked with a shaking voice while looking on the paper Kota showed to him.

“Why?” Kota smirked “Why not ask your precious parents why I am doing this…” Kota threw the paper to Yuya’s parents as he glare to them.

“Kota-kun…” Yuya’s father said as he picks the papers up.

“Ne...” Kota kneeled down beside Yuya’s father. “How does it feel?” He smirked and anger was present in his eyes. “How does it feel when everything you own is taken away from you?” He stood up “its painful right? It’s hard right?”

“Ko-kota kun, no…w-we didn’t mean it…” the women on the side said.

“You didn’t mean it?” Kota chuckled “Don’t joke with me!” he threw the name plate which was placed in the table. “Don’t joke with me! Y-You took everything away from me!”

“W-we thought that y-you died…” Yuya’s mother said and it even made Kota angrier.

“You thought I died?” Kota asked. “No, you abandoned me! You abandoned us and eloped with this man!” He pointed at Yuya’s father. “I’m not an idiot…” Kota looked at the woman with his eyes full of anger. “You killed him right?” Kota asked.

“Ko-kota, that was just an accident…” The woman said.

“Do you call stabbing an accident?” Kota asked. “You killed him! You killed my father!” Kota’s eyes were now misty with tears he was holding up. “You killed him and threw us away like we were just a trash!”

“Kota…” Yuya called his friend’s name, he can see the anger, sorrow and pain in his face…in his eyes as they were moistened with tears. “Dad, what is this?” Yuya asked his father. “What does he mean?”

“Yuya, you should not be here…” Yuya’s father said. “Just leave us alone…”

“No! Yuya will stay here!” Kota said. “He needs to know why I am doing this!”

“He’s not involved in this!” Yuya’s mother defended.

“Yes, he is…” Kota said weakly “He is…”

“Dad, Mom, Kota could you just tell me what is happening in here?!”  Yuya snapped, he felt clueless and it pissed him so much, knowing nothing.

“Yuya! Get out!” His father ordered him.

“No! Not unless one of you tells me what the hell is happening here!” Yuya shouted at his father.

“Then I’ll take the privilege to tell you dear son what is this all about…” Kota grinned.

“Stop it!” Yuya’s father prevented Kota from saying another word but it was futile as Kota showed a single family picture to Yuya.

“Do you know who are they?” Kota asked his friend who on the other hand took the picture from him.

“T-this is mom…” He said then he turned to look at his mother.

“And the others?” Kota asked again. Yuya looked at the latter silently as he realized that the person, the boy on his mother’s side was Kota.

“Y-you…” Yuya stuttered, “It can’t be…it’s not possible…”

“It is Yuya…” Kota said in a low voice.

“You…You are my brother?” He asked.

“Half-brother to be precise.” Kota said and took the picture from Yuya.

“H-how?” Yuya asked, he was now more confused.

“How?” Kota looked at the persons who looked at him in return. “Well apparently, yours and my mother is the same…” Yuya looked at his mother again then to his father then to Kota. He looked like an idiot knowing nothing about this.  “Hey, mom do you know that nechan died?” Kota looked at his mother. “She died, because you left us in that orphanage.”

“K-Kota…” their mother called him; she was pleading him to stop. “Please…”

“You didn’t I think, because you didn’t even bother taking us back.” Kota said. “Do you know why she died?” He looked at his mother, but he didn’t get a response “She was raped! She was harassed! And I-I was the first one to…” Kota paused “I-I was the first one to see her corpse hanged…” Kota gritted his teeth. “I bet you didn’t know this either?” He smirked. “You don’t know what I have gone through because of your greed!!” a single tear rolled from his cheeks. “Now tell me, you didn’t mean it?” He chuckled while tears continue to flow “Don’t joke with me! You destroyed me! You took everything away from me!!!” Kota then pointed a gun to his mother. His mother was frozen because of fear and it triggered her sickness.

“Mom!!” Yuya screamed and dashed towards his mother. “Don’t, please!!”

“Ne, do you remember the day when you hit someone in the middle of the night?” Kota grinned and slowly walked towards Yuya’s father still holding the gun.

“Stop it…” Yuya’s mother was breathing hardly.

“Mom, don’t talk please…” Yuya caressed his mother’s back carefully.

“Eh?”  Yuya’s father looked at Kota “Y-you…” before he could continue Kota showed a picture from that incident. His eyes widened as he saw the bloodstained guy in the picture. 

“I-it was you?” Yuya’s father asked, his eyes fixed on Kota’s.

 “What the?” Yuya asked as he looked as his father in disbelief.

 “Yes, it was me…” Kota then put away his glasses to show the people in front of him the fading eyes he have.


“What is the meaning of this?” Kota asked the doctor in front of him.

“It’s the result of your test, Yabu-san” The doctor said.”You need to wear for you to see clearly..”He reached a pair of glasses to Kota.

“B-but why?” Kota asked nervously “You said that my medication is successful, why do I have to wear these?”

“Yabu-san, your left eye almost took all the damage from that accident.” The doctor sighted “If you will not wear these, you will eventually turn blind.”

“Why?” Kota asked weakly as he took the glasses from the doctor.

“I’m sorry, but this is the only thing we can do to prevent you from being blind” the doctor said and left Kota to think on his own. He had accepted the glasses and started wearing it. It was uncomfortable at first but he had gotten used to it not long after he started wearing it. But again things will not be going to his way…

“It’s not that bad if I would just be used to it” Kota said optimistically while looking at himself at the mirror. “Yosh, I should be going to the interview now…”

Kota headed to the company he was supposed to be interviewed with high spirit and happiness was plastered all over his face. He was really looking forward to the interview, because it was the first one.

“I’m sorry, but we can’t hire you in here…” The employer said.

“W-why?” Kota asked. “I have all the qualifications! But why can’t you hire me?”

“I’m sorry, but with eyes like yours this job will be too hard for you to handle…” The employer said. “It’s really regretful that we can’t hire you but please find another establishment…”

I’m sorry, but we can’t hire you…

It rang to his ear many times. Many times he had applied for a job…

“Why?” He looked at the mirror in despair “Why does this have to happen to me?” tears rolled on his cheeks. “Why am I so unlucky?” He asked and smirked “Why?” he asked again “Ne, Kami-sama…is my sister not enough? Is my family not enough?” he asked with his cracked voice “Did I do something wrong to deserve all this? What did I ever do to you? What!” he smashed the mirror and started throwing everything that is in his room. “I’m tired!” he said “I’m tired of all of this…” he walked slowly to the kitchen counter and took a knife which was placed there as if it was waiting for him. “Hey, will you ease my pain?” He asked the knife as if it was alive “Will you take it from me?” a soft chuckle escaped him “I guess you will…” he held the knife tightly

“Ne! Kota-kun! What’s wrong! Open the door!” A woman’s voice is calling him, but he didn’t care. He was engulfed with the sadness and pain he was feeling. He didn’t care anymore, he will die anyway. He slowly slashed his wrist, he felt the cold blade rip his flesh and he smiled weakly as he felt a warm liquid flow from the cut he made.


The voice continuously called for him, it repeatedly called for his name like a broken recorder. He heard it but he didn’t mind, he was slowly being pulled to the darkness that was waiting for him but a light passed through and erased all the darkness that was pulling him in.

“Oh my God! Kota-kun! Hang in there!” It was a voice of a woman in panic; it was also the last voice he heard before everything around him turned black.


 “That didn’t take my life, at the same time it did…” Kota said “It was just an accident right? You didn’t even bother knowing who the person your car ran onto right was?”

“I-I didn’t know what to do!” Yuya’s father exclaimed. “I-it was an accident!”

“haaa, that’s why you said to your friend that “it” was just a dog” Kota pointed and again glared to the older.


“Oh god, what are we going to do?!” A man panicked.

“Don’t panic! It’s dark in here no one saw it…” Another man said.

“B-but w-we hit someone!” the first man reasoned.

“Listen to me! It was just a dog okay! It was just a dog!” the second said in a serious tone.

“A-a dog…” the man repeated.

“Yes, a dog…”the other said firmly.

Yes, a dog…


 “So it was just an accident because you just hit a dog right?” Kota grinned when he saw the older guy gulped. “Because I’m just a dog you ignored me and left as if it was nothing right?”

“D-dad…” Yuya looked at his father in disbelief.

“No, Yuya don’t believe him!” Yuya’s father held Yuya’s shoulder tightly, Yuya could see the fear in his father’s eyes. “He’s lying!”

It was just too shocking for him that he couldn’t say a word. He knows that his father is not that good and he was greedy but to ignore someone he might have killed is too much.

“I heard it, I heard you say that I was just a dog…” Kota grinned “And now look I’m still alive the one whom you called a dog!” Kota raised his voice again and put the gun down. “Don’t worry, this dog won’t kill you, this dog won’t stain its hand with your blood…” Kota stood up and looked at the couple whimpering in front of him coldly “I will just watched you suffer as I take everything away from you, slowly, I will make you feel what I had felt”

“Y-you bastard!” Yuya’s father snapped and pointed a sharp object to Kota. “I’m not giving you this company! There is no way I’m giving it to you!!!”

“It’s too late, I already have it” Kota grinned and showed the property papers to the latter.

“YABU KOTA!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Yuya’s father dashed towards Kota but was held up by his son.

“Dad!” Yuya stopped his father from assaulting Kota.

“Are you going to kill me now? Go ahead; kill me if you can…” Kota dared.

“H-how dare you!” Yuya’s father was forcing himself to go near the guy in front of him.

“D-dad s-stop it!” unfortunately Yuya’s father was stronger than he looked and escaped from his son’s tight hold “Dad!” Yuya screamed at his father who is now dashing towards Kota.

Kota didn’t move from his position, he just stood there waiting for the man to stab him but it didn’t happen…

“L-let me go!” Yuya’s father was struggling to get away from someone else’s grip. He dropped his weapon and kept on struggling “Let me go!”

“Kota-sama, what will I do to him?” A deep voice “Should I kill him?”

“No” Kota turned and looked at his dear friend who in return looked at him also.

“But he attempted to kill you…” the man in black said.

“No, Keito…” He said and faced the window “It’s a waste to kill him…”

“But sir…” the man in black or to be precise, Keito said.

“No more buts…” Kota cut Keito’s words “Just let them out of here…”

“Yes sir” And then Keito obliged. “Get them out of here” he ordered the others and they obliged.

“Kota…” Yuya called Kota but he didn’t respond. He watched his friend’s back, he knew it. Something was still inside his friend and this is not yet over. “Kota, don’t drown yourself…”

Kota heard what Yuya said and he knew exactly what he meant, but he can’t stop now. He had already entered the road of no return. He didn’t want to hurt him; he was the one who gave him the light. He was the second person who made Kota smile truly. He owed a lot from him. Yuya was the one who gave him work. It was Yuya who saved him from his despair. It was Yuya who solely believed in his abilities, more so he was his brother and yet he betrayed him. It was painful for him but what else he could do? His hatred was far bigger than they think. His sorrow, his pain, his despair, those were far bigger than the kindness they thought he had.

“I’m sorry Yuya, I know I shouldn’t involve you but I have no other choice this is the only thing that keeps me alive…” He said to himself. He was about to proceed to his table but a certain pain struck him. It’s that pain again. He fell on his knees and soon lost his consciousness.

It hurts I don’t want to feel this anymore…

“Ko-chan?” someone called him. He knows that voice. “Ko-chan, are you alright?” He slowly opened his eyes and saw that angelic face “Ko-chan…” He stared at that angelic face and smiled as he started caressing his face.

“Kei…” He uttered weakly.

“Are you alright?” Kei asked worriedly. “Okamoto-kun brought you here unconscious, what happened? Does it hurt somewhere?” He stood up and caressed the latter’s face. “Tell me please…” he pleaded.

“I’m alright…” Kota said. “I’m just tired”

“Then rest, I will bring your food later…” Kei stood up and left Kota alone in his room.

“I’m such an idiot…” Kota told himself as he remembered what he had done earlier. “I pointed a gun at her…” tears started to roll on his face as he looked at his hand. “I’m such an idiot…” He clutched his shirt and the tears turned into sobs.

Kei silently listened to Kota’s cries like he usually do. He stayed right behind Kota’s door, even though he wanted to stay right beside the latter, Kota will never cry in front of him, not to anyone. He knows it clearly that’s why he decided to listen, to watch from afar even though it pained him so much. He wants to embrace him, he wants to comfort him but he can’t. He doesn’t have the right to. He was just no one to Kota’s life. He was just a mere a stranger that doesn’t have a place on Kota’s heart and mind.

“Ko-chan…” He whispered the latter’s name and soon he cried clutching at the medicine he was holding. This was not the first time Kota had collapsed. And Kei knew it, Kota was sick and today he found the evidence. He found the medicine inside Kota’s closet while he was looking for a change of clothes.

“Why wouldn’t you tell me...”Kei cried his heart out silently outside Kota’s room.

On the next day, Kota left the house like nothing happened. He was behaving like he usually does. He greeted the kids who happily ran to him and started talking simultaneously.

“H-hey, one by one I can’t understand you…” Kota smiled warmly to the little life in front of him.

“Hey! Don’t bother Kota-niichan…” a small guy said while running towards them

“Oh~ Daichan good morning…” Kota waved at the latter.

“Good morning~” Daiki huffed “Eh? Where’s Kei-chan?”

“Ah, He said he will be here in a minute…” Kota said casually as he bend to pat the kids head “Are you behaving?”

“Yes!” The kids said in unity.

“That good, I’ll bring something for you guys later ne? So don’t be too naughty…”He smiled.

“Really, Kota-nii why put up an orphanage when you can’t be here always, the kids are pestering me everyday you know!” Daiki complained.

“And when did you start calling me Kota-nii huh?” Kota patted Daiki’s head and then earned a pout from the younger. “haha! You’re like a kid, don’t pout!” Kota giggled while Daiki tried to punch him. “Oops, you won’t reach me. Gain height first!”

“Y-you dickhead!” Daiki protested while trying to punch Kota.

“Don’t tease him too much Kochan, he might hate you and stop helping me here.” Kei said while approaching them.

“He started it” Kota pointed at the younger.

“I didn’t!” Daiki pouted again.

“Maa, maa, now you two stop it, Ko-chan you better be going now or you’ll be late…” Kei said as he passed the coat to Kota “Okamoto-kun is waiting for you at the gate”

“Okay, bye!” Kota bid his goodbye and proceeded to where Keito is.

“Take Care!” Kei shouted and received a wave from the latter.

“When are you going to stop this Keichan?” Daiki asked his friend.

“I won’t stop Daichan, I won’t…” Kei said.

“But he doesn’t even look at you the same way you look at him…” Daiki pointed out.

“I don’t care; I just want to stay beside him, no matter what…” Kei smiled and look the younger. “I love him and that is enough for me…”

“Do what you want…” Daiki sighed at his friends words then gave up and just played with the kids.

“I know you wouldn’t understand Daichan, but I love him, that is all I know and I will stay like I promised…” Kei said while looking at the blue sky. “Because I love him…so much”


To be continued…

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