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08 April 2012 @ 10:42 pm
Two Faces: My Vengeful Soul  

Title: Two Faces: My Vengeful Soul (Part 3)

Pair: Inoobu, Yabu-Centric, Takabu(Friendship), Tadaiki(slight)

Genre: Angst, Betrayal, Romance, Friendship, Death

Summary: Everything was taken away from him, his name, his life, and his family and the only thing that was left in him was hatred and the only thing he felt was revenge. He lived his life following one thing and it is his ambition and his revenge to those people who took everything away from him. Allowing these feelings conquer his heart and soul, he became successful yet he was miserable, not being able to free himself from his hatred something went missing from his life and someone filled that missing part of him with love and care which he never noticed until it was his time to go…

Warning! This is a long one shot that's why it was made into parts! Italicized words are Kota’s past.

[Part 1, Part 2, Part 3]

Part 3


 “Ne, what’s your name?” The high school Kei asked the boy who was standing in the door of their apartment.

“Why would I tell a stranger my name?” Kota answered coldly.

“So grumpy…” Kei puffed his cheeks and looked at the door. “Mom!”

“Oh, Kei welcome back” the woman said “This is my son Kota-kun…”

“Hello, Inoo Kei desu~” Kei introduced himself “And now may I know your name since I’m not a stranger anymore”

“Ya-Yabu Kota…” He said weakly.

“Well, nice meeting you Yabu Kota-kun!” Kei grabbed Kota’s hand and shaked it forcefully.


“It was just like that when we met…I didn’t know when I start to love you…” Kei told to himself and a curve was formed in his lips.


“What are you doing here?” Kota asked the woman in front of him.

 “Kota, I’m sorry…” His mother pleaded as she kneeled down in front of him “Please forgive me…”

“Get out…” Kota said as he looked at his mother coldly.

“This is my fault, this is my entire fault, please spare them, spare Yuya and Yuu, please…” She pleaded while tears flow unstoppable.

“So you really know whose fault is this?” Kota asked sarcastically. “You just realized now?” he smirked.

“Kota…” She looked at the guy in front of him who was looking coldly at her. “Spare them, it’s alright if you will hurt me but not them please…”

‘Why do you want to protect them this much?”  Kota bit his lower lip.

“Because they are my family” She said which turned to be an arrow that pierced to Kota’s heart deeply.

“Family huh…” He said weakly. “You wanted to protect them this much…” He looked at the woman in front of him. And you never even tried to look for me. He thought to himself. He wanted to embrace her, he wanted her to touch him lovingly like how she used to in the past, he knows more than anyone that he can never bring that back, he was the one who started this maze. He was the one who brought this pain to his mother. He was the one, this was his fault.

“Kota…please…” She pleaded again.

“Get out…” He said turning his back from his mother.

“No, not until you forgive me…” She cried.

“Forgive you?” Kota asked as he faces the woman once again. “How the hell do you expect me to forgive you?!”

“Ko-kota?” The woman was startled by Kota’s sudden change of tone.

“Y-you do you know how much I had suffered because of your selfishness? Do you know how much it hurts me? Do you know how did I feel? Now you’re asking me to forgive you? Stop kidding me! I will never forgive you!! I will break that thing you call Family!!” he shouted holding the tears he knows he will fall anytime. “I will break it!!”

“Kota please don’t….” She pleaded now she was trying to pull Kota to her embrace.

“Let go!” Kota screamed and it made her let go of him.

“Ko-kota…” She looked at the back of his son.

“Get her away from here…” Kota ordered Keito who came running as he heard Kota scream.

“Yes sir…” Keito then followed his order.

“Kota…forgive me…” She said before totally disappearing from Kota’s room.

“Kochan…” a voice called him from behind.

“Why did you let her in?” Kota asked.

“B-because she insisted it, she said she wanted to talk to you…” Kei defended.

“I didn’t allow you to let her in!” Kota shouted at Kei and the latter was startled.

“Ko-Kota I-I’m sorry…” Kei apologized.

“Ah! It’s enough!” Kota punched his table hard that it made his fist bleed.

“Kochan!” Kei panicked and rushed towards the older. “Let me see it!” Kei grabbed Kota’s hand but he was shoved.

“Leave me alone!” Kota glared at Kei.

“B-but you’re bleeding!’’ Kei said.

“Why do you even care? No one cares for me! Not even my own mother! So you a mere stranger care for me this much?!” Kota asked Kei  “I-I don’t need your sympathy!” That’s it, Kei snapped and Kota received a hard slap on his face. “K-Kei…” He looked at the latter blankly.

“Why do you have to hurt yourself this much?! Why do always say this! Kota, you don’t have to do this!” Kei said.

“What do you know..” Kota said

“I know everything! I know it! Because I’m watching you….” Kei couldn’t hold his tears anymore.”I’m always watching you…”

“Kei…” Kota looked at the latter.

“Why?” Kei reached for Kota’s face slowly and started to caress it carefully. “Why do you hurt yourself this much?” He asked “Why can’t you just free yourself?”

“I-I can’t…” Kota looked away so that Kei won’t be able to see his tears.

“You can...” Kei cupped Kota’s face and led it to look at him. “You can…”

“If I can, then after that what will happen? Kei…just let me be…I will eventually fade soon, stop caring for me please…”Kota said removing Kei’s hand from his face.

“Kota…stop this please…” Kei pleaded.

“I’m sorry…I can’t” Kota said.

“Stop hurting yourself please….” Kei felt weak on his knees, he fell down but still holding onto Kota’s sleeves.

“Kei, I will stop, when I die, and that will be soon…” Kota removed Kei’s hand completely and left the room.

“Kochan…” Kei cried and Kota heard it. He clutched his fist, he himself wants to stop but he can’t he knows that he can’t now that he had hurt so many. He wanted to believe in Kei’s words but something is preventing him to do so, --his anger—it’s preventing him to stop.

“I’m sorry, Kei…” Kota said as tears stubbornly fall from his eyes. “I’m sorry…”

Things remained as it is, for three years apparently but the thing is, Kota never talks to anyone not unless it was related to his work. Kei continued to care for Kota, he never got tired of it and he never will. As for Yuya and his family, they are slowly regaining their stature with the help of their little savings which, luckily Kota didn’t cut off from them. His father was arrested due to fraud and attempted homicide which was Kota’s and his father’s case. He certainly paid for his sins. Their mother had weakened but due to Kota’s secret support she managed to receive treatment from the hospital. Yuya is managing their new business happily together with his younger sister Yuu. This was what he wanted, a simple life, out of luxury, out of those piles of papers that is haunting him every day when he was still a CEO. A simple life didn’t bother him or his sister; instead, they were thankful that they had it now.

“Kota…” Yuya called the man sitting in the table inside the big room.

“Oh, Yuya…” He looked up and put down the paper he was reading.

“Working hard I see?” Yuya teased.

“What’d you come here for?” Kota sighed.

“Don’t be so grumpy! I came here to deliver this!” Yuya place a bento on Kota’s table.

“What’s this?” Kota asked

“It’s food…” Yuya answered innocently.

“I know stupid…” Kota smiled a little “What’s in it? It’s not poisoned right?”

“Haha! Don’t be ridiculous, why would I poison it?” Yuya asked and received a bitter smile from the latter. “Alright, Kota stop it, I won’t poison you okay…” Yuya pointed out “You apologized, we accepted it, and it’s our fault in the first place, we took your family…”

“No, it’s not…” Kota said.

“Don’t be like that! Just eat it! I know you’re not eating right!” Yuya teased and shoved the bento box up to Kota’s chest.

“I wil, I will…” Kota stood up to get a chopstick but a pain struck him and stumbled on the floor, gripping his hair he hissed feeling too much pain.

“O-oy! Kota!” Yuya ran towards his friend and brother. “What happened? Are you alright?”

“I-I’m fine…” He said weakly.

“No you’re not, stupid! You’re too pale! And you’re sweating a lot!!” Yuya panicked. “Oy is there someone out there!” He called and a woman rushed in “Call an ambulance! Hurry!” And the woman obliged. “Kota hang in there!”

“K-Kei…” Kota lost his consciousness.

“Kota! Oy! Wake Up!” Yuya shooked the latter but no response. “What the hell is happening to you?And who’s Kei?”


“Where Am I?” Kota asked when he opened his eyes and saw five persons circling him.

“In the hospital, you stupid…” Yuya said harshly.

“Eh? Hospital? Why? What happened?” Kota asked again.

“What?! You don’t remember?!” Yuya exclaimed.

“Shut up! You’re too loud!” Daiki said.

“And so were you!” Yuya fought back.

“Stop it…” Kei halted the two. “Kochan, are you alright now?” he asked worriedly.

“Really Kei, when will you stop worrying about him?” Daiki said and all eyes were in him “What? He’s just making you cry! I know he’s kind but that’s too much!” Daiki pouted.

“Daichan…” Kei looked at his friend sadly.

“A-Alright, I’m sorry but I won’t take it back since it’s true!” Daiki puffed his cheeks like a little kid.

“I’m sorry Kochan…” Kei faced the older and the latter did the same. “He didn’t mean it…”

“I know, but it’s true…” Kota said weakly.

“Uh, I think we should leave them alone…” Yuya whispered to Keito who was sitting silently beside him. Keito nodded and signaled the others to get out and they obliged. Now Kota and Kei were left in the room alone.

“I’ll just get you a drink…” Kei attempted to stand up but failed as Kota had held his hands too tight. “Do you need something?” Kei asked as he sits again.

“Kei…” Kota started. “Aren’t you tired?”

“Kota…please…not this again…” Kei sighed as he helps Kota to sit.

“I’m asking, aren’t you tired of taking care of me?” He asked again.

“I’m not, how many times do I have to tell you that?” Kei said.

“Why? We’re not even related…” silence filled the room, no one dared to talk. They were simply looking at each other with Kota holding Kei’s hand.

Kota, slowly moved his hand to touch Kei’s soft cheeks. He caressed it carefully like how Kei caressed his. He felt at peace, the pain he was feeling a while ago had just left him. He felt really contented just by looking at the person in front of him. It was like an ecstasy, that he didn’t even felt a single pain. Why didn’t he notice it? Why he didn’t saw it earlier? Why he didn’t look at these pair of caramel orbs earlier? If he did back then, would he be saved? He asked himself. Feeling the regret, a single tear rolled down from his tired eyes.

“Kochan, what’s wrong?” Kei wiped the tear “Does it hurt somewhere?” he asked.

“Yes, it hurts…” Kota answered then another tear escaped from his eyes.

“Where?” Kei’s tone became worried “Where does it hurt? Tell me” He said scanning the latter’s frame.

“Here…” Kota grabbed Kei’s hand and placed it on top of his chest where his heart resides.

“Ko-Kochan?” Kei tilted his head, Kota is acting weird and he didn’t know what is happening but he felt nervous for some reason. Why does Kota’s stare make him this nervous, well it always made him nervous but it was different this time, his heart is beating so fast that he can even hear it himself. “W-what’s wrong?” He managed to talk but he was still so nervous.

“Kei…” Kota pulled Kei closer and embraced him tightly.

“Ko-Kochan?” Kei was startled at the latter’s action but he did protested, instead he embraced him back. He wanted this right? For so long, he wanted to embrace this person right but why does it felt so heavy? Why does it seem so wrong? Kei tightened his embrace to the older, tears started to roll from his eyes. He didn’t know why, they just suddenly fell. Is it because he’s happy? Or is it because he was sad? He didn’t know. He didn’t bother anymore, he just closed his eyes and feel the latter’s heart beat harmoniously with his. “I love you…” He said it, finally he said it. He didn’t want any response; he just wanted him to know how he felt. He needs to know, he thought to himself. He loves him, that’s all what matters to him now, and he knew that he will not regret saying it. He didn’t care even if Kota will not love him back, it doesn’t matter to him anymore. As long as he loves Kota then it’s alright “I love you, Kochan…”

“I love you, Kei….” Kota whispered it to his ears. With all the strength he had, Kota pulled away from their embrace, looked at Kei’s eyes and slowly he leaned closer and then he placed his lips on top of the latter. Kei’s eyes widened, he couldn’t believe it. Kota kissed him. It’s not just a dream now right? It’s real since he can feel the latter’s warm breath. Kei slowly wrapped his arms around Kota’s neck as the latter pulled him closer for a deeper, passionate kiss.

“I love you, Kochan…I have always loved you…” Kei whispered as they had pulled away from their kiss.

“I know…” Kota wiped the tears flowing from Kei’s cheek. “And I’m thankful that you didn’t give up…” He smiled upon giving the latter a peck on both of his eyes. “Stop crying, smile…” Kota requested and like a little puppy, he showed his smile to the one he love the most.


It was a bright spacious room; there was a guy and a big grand piano in the middle of it. A tone resounded when the pale guy pressed one key and soon the single tone became a melody that sooths his wavering soul. He listened to it carefully as he closed his eyes picturing the story the melody was telling him.

 “Kei, thank you for everything…” He said, eyes still closed with a smile plastered on his face.

“Kochan, I know you’re tired, rest now and stop saying that ….” He stopped playing and approached the guy sitting at the couch near the grand piano “Please rest…” He caressed the latter’s face and smiled. “It’s been a hard road ne…” He continued to caress the latter’s face but this time a single droplet of tear rolled down on his pearl colored cheeks.

“Kei, I’m sorry if I’ve hurt you…” He said as he wiped the tears flowing on the latter’s face. “Thank you for staying, thank you for not leaving my side….” He smiled weakly.

“I love you and I will always do…” He caressed the latter’s face lovingly.

“I love you too, Kei…” He held Kei’s hand and smiled.

“Sleep now…” Kei cooed. “No one will disturb you here…”

“Thank you…” Kota slowly closed his eyes and dropped Kei’s hand.

“No one will hurt you now, rest well ne…” Kei kissed the latter’s forehead. “I will miss you…” he kissed his eyes “Thank you for loving me…” he kissed his nose “Thank you…” He scanned the face of his beloved before leaning closer again “I love you…” then he kissed his lips. “Good bye…” he buried his head on the latter’s chest and silently cried embracing the Kota’s lifeless body.



Author's Note: There! It's all done! :) enjoy reading!

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Dehydrated_H2Otegoshikido on April 8th, 2012 03:43 pm (UTC)
why did you kill yabu?? T_T
yeyell15yeyell15 on April 8th, 2012 03:58 pm (UTC)
Ahh~ gomen...>.< i don't know why i killed him...=.=
Dehydrated_H2Otegoshikido on April 9th, 2012 06:58 am (UTC)
do you have fluff?
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yeyell15yeyell15 on April 16th, 2012 02:51 am (UTC)
wai~ gomen for my supeeeeeerrrrrr late reply I didn't even got the opportunity to greet my daiki on his birthday...=.=

Wai! thank you for reading it! and thank you fro saying that I improved!
hehe I'll be logging in later if my connection at hoe is fixed...=.=
Matta ne! :))
Little Messengerai_no_messeji on April 10th, 2012 01:25 pm (UTC)
See... yeyell-sama... :) <3

I told you it was beautifully conveyed.

*sniffs* now I can pass yout the -sama title, I can go back to being Ai-chan~ chou proud.
yeyell15yeyell15 on April 10th, 2012 02:23 pm (UTC)
Noes! don't call me yeyell-sama! it doesn't fit me! it's your title!
not mine!
alex: inoobualex_hoshi on September 8th, 2012 12:41 am (UTC)
agst, ne....

Its kind of sad, knowing yabu can do all of that. Even he have reason.

But thanks, nice story...
yeyell15yeyell15 on September 8th, 2012 04:12 pm (UTC)
Yeah~ He's been hurt too much. =.=

:D thank you for reading this long one shot~ :D